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How Marketers can shift from 'Business Services' to 'Trusted Advisor' within their firms - Passle Podcast with Rippan Vig

For many legal and professional services becoming a trusted advisor to clients is the holy grail. But, actually, on an individual level, it is nice to get recognition for your subject matter expertise and be the trusted advisor in your field.

I caught up with Rippan Vig, Director of Client & Strategic Development at Watson Farley & Williams to ask her how can Marketing, Business Development and Communications teams make a shift, and position themselves as trusted advisors within their firms.

Rippan shares some fantastic insight into how demonstrating your expertise and value can build peoples trust in you, and how data & feedback can play a key part in this process. 

In the conversation Rippan also talks about 'practising what you preach' and the same processes that you would use build relationships externally with clients can also be used with your internal clients i.e the lawyers. 


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