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How Thought Leaders Can Make the Most of LinkedIn's 'Creator Mode'

Recently, LinkedIn launched a new profile feature on their platform, 'Creator Mode', which allows 'regular' users to become 'LinkedIn Creators'. Once Creator Mode is enabled, users' content will be displayed more prominently on their profile, and visitors will be encouraged to 'Follow' rather than 'Connect'.

While this is a new feature for LinkedIn, and we are yet to see concrete data on the impact of Creator Mode, there are 3 key benefits for thought leaders who enable Creator Mode:

1. Grow your Following

LinkedIn reports that 50% of follows originate from profile views. When switching to Creator Mode, the call-to-action for users visiting creators' profiles changes from 'Connect' to 'Follow', making it easier to grow your audience. Additionally, whilst there is a 30,000 connection limit, the amount of followers a user can have is unlimited. With 2 million new users this year compared to last, this is a subtle, but important change. The number of followers a creator has is also displayed at the top of their profile, so for creators with an existing following, the new mode helps to bolster their credibility with their audience.

2. Demonstrate your Expertise

Creator Mode prioritises users’ content over their work experience and education, which enables thought leaders to differentiate themselves from their competitors as they demonstrate their expertise and industry knowledge.

Creators can also add hashtags to their profiles, allowing potential followers to quickly identify which topics creators generate thought leadership around.

3. Get Discovered

Creator Mode also makes users to be eligible for Search and Discovery results downstream, allowing thought leaders to be front of mind for potential and existing clients.

So What Does This Mean for Thought Leaders?

For expert thought leaders, who regularly share content with their network on LinkedIn, this feature is another string to their bow when it comes to distributing their thought leadership and demonstrating their expertise to their network of existing and prospective clients. LinkedIn's Creator Mode places thought leaders' content at the fore of their profiles and enables busy experts to grow their following whilst remaining front of mind for their audience.

How Do You Turn On Creator Mode?

  1. Go to your Profile and select 'Creator Mode' in your Dashboard that sits below your headline and photo.
  2. Choose up to 5 hashtags that identify what you want to be known as an expert for.
  3. Hit Save!

At any time, you can enable or disable Creator Mode through your Dashboard.

If you want to build your following and engage with an audience on LinkedIn, creator mode could be the right fit for you.


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