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Content creation: If you are asked more than twice about a certain subject - create a post (text, video or audio)

We often end up in conversations with professionals at law firms, accountancy companies, and consultancies around what content they should be creating

There is a general rule of thumb that the firms leading the way with thought leadership adopt. 

If you have been asked a question by more than one client in the last week or two create a post.  It can be text, video, or audio.  Just do it!

That post will not only save you time in replying when asked again about that subject (you can send the post) but you can bet your colleagues will be able to use the post too.

If it is a subject that comes up again and again over time - ie it is 'evergreen' - just change the date in a couple of months' time to bring it back to the fore.  Re-use it, update it. Share it again and ensure you share it one to one!  Easy.

For more great advice click on the link below from our friends at Good2BSocial.

Blogs and thought leadership content can help improve your reputation and credibility as a lawyer and help attract new clients. Of course, to maintain your law firm’s blog, you have to post regularly.


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