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What is true offline is true online

This is stating the obvious but how we behave online should reflect how we behave offline. It has been over 20 years since I helped run conferences entitled things like "The internet for Great Britain", "The Internet for SE Asia" and "e-commerce in the Pharmaceutical Industry" so I am a little bit surprised when we talk to folk who do not take responsibility for their online presence.

For those keen to take more control the article below that I saw shared by the Legal Marketing Association points out exactly what experts should prioritize both online and offline to deliver exceptional client service. Their 5 recommendations are:

1. Care and Connection

2. Trust and Honesty

3. Price and Value

4. Experience and Expertise

5. Team and Resourcing

My recommendation when it comes to your online behaviour is to focus on showing you care and have a connection with the challenges of your clients, be authentic to build trust and showcase your experience and expertise. Do that regularly and we have seen this lead to very positive business outcomes :)

Showing clients that you understand their priorities, pain points and industry trends helps to deepen the relationship, build trust, improve rapport and strengthen client loyalty.


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