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CMO Series EP22 - Mark Hunter of Hicks Morley on what it takes to build effective business development skills in lawyers

Business development, despite being key to a successful career as a lawyer, is often misunderstood by the legal profession. In this episode of the CMO Series, Charles Cousins is lucky to be joined by Mark Hunter, Director of Client Development and Marketing at Hicks Morley, to discuss what it takes in practice to build effective business development skills in lawyers.

Tune in, as Charles and Mark discuss:

  • The purpose and place of business development within a law firm
  • The challenges of delivering business development training as one-off sessions and how training should be delivered in an ideal world
  • The future of training at Hicks Morley - the firm's investment in time and resources into the long term program and how you build consensus for such an investment within the firm
  • How BD trainers should ensure that momentum turns into behavioural change at scale 
  • How to use the success of former students as motivation and best practice for future programs
  • Advice for marketers and business development professionals looking to improve their firm’s BD training
Rather than a one day training session... we've expanded that to 10 sessions over a three year span, so that they can build their practice in different ways and they're getting the information they need at a time when they can use it.


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