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Legal Marketing Association (LMA) Town Hall Jan 2022 - Volunteers welcome...

The new Legal Marketing Association President - and great friend of Passle - Brenda Plowman did a great job hosting the first LMA Town Hall Meeting of the year.  Brenda laid out the plan for the year and was keen to once again celebrate the volunteers who are the lifeblood of the Association.  

I have just volunteered for the first time with the LMA.  I am really excited about being on the Strategies and Voices editorial committee led by the fabulous Kathryn Whitaker of Burr & Forman and Rebecca Edwards of Williams Mullen.  This is the first time I have volunteered and I thought it might be of interest to hear the advice Brenda shared today at the Town Hall about how you can volunteer:

  • First of all, join the LMA. CLICK HERE You can do this in Europe now too!  
  • Get involved in your local area.  The LMA is divided into local, regional, and then International.  For me now I am live in Annapolis my local is Maryland and my Regional is Mid-Atlantic.  The 'LMAers' could not have been more welcoming to me.  Just go along to anything they host and say you are new and would love to get involved.  You will be looked after. 
  • Go to the Volunteer Pipeline page on the LMA's fab new site - CLICK HERE 
  • Watch the video embedded in this post.  Kristy Werness shares her volunteering journey

As an FYI as well as the local and regional LMA groups there are also a number of Committees and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) you can be part of.  Here is a quick list:

I love these Town Halls.  It is difficult to keep up to date with so many things going on and a monthly opportunity to touch base for me as an LMA newbie is really useful. To finish I thought you might be interested to see the Goals Brenda shared for 2022.

Hope that helps.  For what it is worth join and volunteer if you get the chance.  This really is a special group of people who look out for each other and help in any way they can.  Cannot wait to see everyone in Vegas!

"Opportunity lies in the unpredictable times we live in" Brenda Plowman, CMO Fasken, President LMA 2022


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