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Content that stops you in your tracks - Best Practice from Legal Internet Solutions Incorporated

Full disclosure - I am a massive fan of Robyn Addis and the team at Legal Internet Solutions Incorporated (LISI).  That said even if I had never met them I would be raving about the way they use online content to drive their business.

Check out this video of Robyn talking with Richard Nenno, Senior Counsel at Young Conaway about the challenges Richard has faced as a blind person practicing law.

It literally stopped me in my tracks.  I was - as you do - planning to listen whilst writing my emails. Within a minute or two I had stopped and was fully focused. The interview is interesting.  It is challenging.  It is important and it is delivered in an easy-to-consume fashion from a person - and an organization - I trust. 

At no point does Robyn try to sell LISI or even mention what she does for a living.  Her focus is on her guest and what her audience can learn.  This is top-class online content that reinforced the positive relationship I have with the LISI brand and with Robyn's 'personal brand'.

“I am yet to attend a diversity program that was accessible to me" Richard Nenno, Senior Counsel at Young Conaway discussing his experience as a blind attorney with Robyn Addis Legal Internet Solutions Incorporated


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