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CMO Series EP32 - Catherine Zinn of Baker Botts on how marketing and BD is influencing the direction of the firm

The function of marketing is becoming more central to the growth and success of law firms, with marketers and BD professionals becoming key influencers in the strategic direction of their firms.

Ali Bone is delighted to be joined by Catherine Zinn, Chief Client Officer at Baker Botts on the CMO Series, to share her insight on how Marketing and BD leaders are gaining a ‘seat at the table’ and the importance of these roles in a firm’s leadership.

Ali and Catherine discuss:

  • The role of marketing and BD in a firm’s leadership and Catherine’s own experiences  
  • The importance of mindset when it comes to the discussion around contributing to the direction of a law firm and how senior marketers and BD professionals can adopt that mindset 
  • The importance of empowerment and leadership, with market and client knowledge at the core
  • How marketing and BD professionals can go about gaining the client knowledge they need to add value to their firm   
  • The importance of  law firm leaders in participating in other roles outside of their work, such as on boards, volunteering in leadership capacities or working on behalf of causes or organisations beyond their firm
  • How the role of marketing and BD in law firms is set to evolve over the next few years
  • Advice to senior marketers wanting to have more say in the direction of their firms
It used to be that our lawyers could sit at their desk and the phone would ring, but that time has long gone by... in order to compete we needed to do some things differently, it meant that Marketing and Business Development professionals became more valued within their organisations.


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