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Webinar: Successful Thought Leadership latest best practice case studies

We're pleased to bring this webinar in partnership with Vuture. Here are the details at a glance

Thursday, May 26, 2022, 04:00 PM BST (11:00 AM EST)

The latest best practice case studies from the firms setting the standard for thought leadership

In this webinar, Alex Reid, Client Success Consultant at Passle, takes us through best practice case studies, diving into the detail of what makes a thought leadership program effective & successful.

You’ll learn how the most effective thought leadership programs:

  • Select, train & motivate lawyers to want to be thought leaders
  • Decide which content gets the best results & how to deliver it
  • Measure and report on a thought leadership campaign

Thought leadership is central to the way law firms reach clients and potential clients. It is how firms demonstrate the expertise that sets them apart from their competitors. Passle’s Client Success team has worked alongside the world’s top firms defining best practice for thought leadership programs.

Guided by Alex, we’ll see video case studies from top firms and hear from the Marketers and Business Development professionals leading legal’s most effective thought leadership programs.


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