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Passle Hero Spotlight Series - Linda Orton on how to grow law, consulting & accounting firms

As competition increases, fees come under closer scrutiny and markets look toward a challenging period, professional services firms may need to approach their marketing and BD efforts differently to sustain growth and profitability.

In this episode of our Hero Spotlight Series, we talk to Linda Orton, one of the industry's most experienced CMBDOs and the leader behind some of the most successful uses of Passle.

Linda has packaged her in-house experience from leading consulting firms such as Alvarez & Marsal and HKA and is now bringing the insights she gained to the wider professional services market again as a consultant.

We spoke to Linda about the five key areas managing partners and leaders in professional services firms need to address in order to see the true benefit of marketing:
  1. Marketing and BD teams need to be strategically driven. Tactics create results, but they have to be connected to business goals. 
  2. Marketing and BD teams need to generate the right data, using that to inform all business decisions. 
  3. Competitive advantage comes from focusing on the client.  Technology and marketing tools can enhance communications with clients which should lead to stronger relationships.
  4. Revenue generation can come from the creation of smart content, amplification across channels, and targeted digital advertising
  5. Judging success from marketing and BD is not a mystery. Data, both quantitative and qualitative, should make it obvious whether the firm's marketing efforts are successful.  If they are not, firms need to be agile and pivot.

To learn more about Linda's approach to the improved way of marketing professional services firms, please visit


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