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6 of The Best Professional Services Marketing Podcasts

Professional services marketing is undergoing a transformation. As law firms, accountancies and consultancies come to better realise the advantage of a strong, high-performing marketing function more is being expected of marketers and especially marketing leaders.

Podcasts offer an opportunity for professional services marketers to hear directly from peers and experts about how to be more effective, build a career and navigate the specific challenges of being a marketer in a professional services firm.

There are a surprising number of podcasts out there dedicated to professional services marketing, and even more podcasts dedicated to marketing as a whole that mention professional services. 

For this list, we've focused on just those podcasts that publish regularly and those that are purely for professional services marketers, rather than the more general marketing topics.

Here are our picks for the best professional services marketing podcasts.

1. LMA Strategies & Voices Podcast

Insider knowledge from industry peers

Covering everything from Business Development, Client Services, Communications, Tech Management and Leadership, the Legal Marketing Association's "Strategies and Voices" podcast has you covered for content diversity.

Nobody does collaboration like the LMA.

Episodes: 93

Average Listen Time: 35 Minutes

Episodes Air: Monthly

2. Mo Bunnell: Real Relationships, Real Revenue Podcast

Actionable, authentic BD advice from the industry's best

Mo Bunnell is one of our favourite people in this industry, his coaching and advice on the Business Development side of Legal Marketing is second to none. 

On his podcast, you'll hear from the industry's best Business Development and Marketing professionals as they dive deep into how to grow a firm. One of the things we like most about this podcast is the way that Mo keeps things grounded by being helpful, authentic and genuine - always. 

With one of the highest episode counts on our list, Mo's got enough content here to keep even the most avid podcast listener happy.

Episodes: 377

Average Listen Time: varies

Episodes Air: Daily

3. Unbillable Hours Podcast

Consistent, high-quality advice with a mission to break the "cost-center" mindset of marketing in professional services

Ash and Flo are podcasting stalwarts whose marketing advice is mainly geared towards the consultancy side of the professional services industry. Some of the topics covered on their show are thought leadership, marketing leadership, management, digital marketing and advertising.

With 12 seasons already and backgrounds deep in the consulting and marketing space, the folks at the Unbillable Hours Podcast are consistently putting out some of the soundest advice you can listen to with no jargon or meaningless chat.

Episodes: 54

Average Listen Time: 25mins

Episodes Air: Weekly

4. The Visible Expert Podcast

A unique look at marketing through the lens of growing a professional reputation

Marketers in professional services firms should be familiar with Hinge and with the visible expert podcast. Hinge look through the lens of the "expert", focusing on the stories of predominantly professionals who have built their reputation in the market over time.

It's such a great way to look at marketing a firm, which is at it's core a collection of "experts".

Episodes: 34

Average Listen Time: 40mins

Episodes Air: Monthly(ish)

5. The Professional Services Marketing Show Podcast

Covering the personal topics for legal marketers, comprehensively

By far the most Googleable podcast on our list, PSM position themselves as the podcast for architectural, engineering and construction marketers - but almost all their episodes are relevant for most professional services marketers.

We love the way that PSM cover topics like stress and falling in love with the job from a viewpoint of a marketer. There is no end to mindfulness and wellbeing podcasts, but the combination here of personal issues from a professional services marketer's point of view is unique.

Banjos and Australians on the intro were a bold call though.

Episodes: 100

Average Listen Time: 30mins

Episodes Air: Fortnightly

6. Passle CMO Series Podcast

Voices from the authorities on professional services marketing

The only podcast to focus exclusively on the stories and advice from Marketing and BD leaders, it would be silly for us not to include our own CMO Series podcast on this list.

For marketers in professional services firms, there is no better way to upskill, become more effective and develop a fulfilling career than listening to the voices of those that have been there and done that.

The guests on the CMO series are second to none.

Episodes: 47

Average Listen Time: 25mins

Episodes Air: Weekly


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