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The Passle Event Plan: How to Position Yourself as the 'Center of Influence' at your Events

This year we have seen the rapid return of in-person events, with many eager to get back in front of clients, colleagues, and prospects. 

One thing we know is that turning up to an event without a plan can result in an enormous waste of time, resources, and money. 

In order to get the maximum return on your investment in your event, we have broken down a guide that will help you:

  1. Prepare & plan
  2. Execute once your event gets started
  3. Maximize your engagement & own the online conversation
  4. Coordinate an effective follow-up strategy
  5. And tactics for targeting a panellist or keynote speaker

Download our guide by opening the PDF below. This will help you if you're a little rusty and are returning to the event scene for the first time in a while, are a regular on the event circuit in your industry and want to maximize your results from attending events, or you are involved on the organization side of events and want to keep your colleagues honest with executing your event plans.


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