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Passle’s Hero Spotlight: Siobhan Moriarty of Lewis Silkin

The Hero Spotlight Series celebrates the marketing and business development professionals leading the way. This time, we’re shining a light on Siobhan Moriarty, Head of Business Development Operations at Lewis Silkin.

In September 2017, Lewis Silkin launched a thought-leadership programme to help drive business growth and demonstrate the knowledge of their professionals to the market more effectively.

Since then, 140 team members at the firm have published almost 2,500 posts gaining hundreds of thousands of qualified reads.

We caught up with Siobhan to hear her top tips on what makes a successful thought leadership initiative and how to get wider engagement from across the firm. Siobhan shares her insights on:

  • How to break it down into bite-size chunks to make writing thought leadership more manageable for their authors 
  • Why demonstrating the efficacy and success of writing thought leadership internally helps earn buy-in with teams across the firm 
  • The success of peer-peer support in empowering lawyers to write thought leadership
“I think the biggest success for us has been where it’s partner-led... it really empowers the teams and embeds the willingness to write”


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