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What Trigger's Broom can teach us about website infrastructure

I was reminded of the "Trigger's Broom" sketch from Only Fools and Horses recently and it made me realise that quite apart from being great comedy, Trigger also has a bit of a point. 

In the sketch (below) Trigger, played by the brilliant Roger Lloyd Pack explains that his broom has had seventeen new heads and fourteen new handles over the last 20 years. He gets very affronted when it is pointed out that it is not "the same broom". 

In software and websites, the same is often true, the of today is not the same Amazon that launched in 1994, However, much like Trigger's broom, Amazon is built from component services (albeit rather more sophisticated ones than a broom head or a handle) so when Amazon is upgraded, it is not taken down and thrown away, new components are continually added or replaced. Trigger's approach has kept him sweeping roads continually for 20 years.

A composable broom is much better than throwing one away each time it needs parts upgrading or having to build a new one from scratch, (the approach that many have adopted for professional service website builds in the last 20 years!). 

So Trigger should wear his medal with pride.

"Look after your broom!"


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