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Composable - the future of digital infrastructure for professional services firms

AlixPartners is a consultancy company with over 2,500 employees that works with companies “when it really matters”. So we were exceptionally fortunate to hear directly from Chris Eatherton about the new approach they have taken to re-building their website, probably for the last time.

Chris was joined by Mikkel Keller Stubkjær from Novicell who are working as the technical agency to give an overview of the composable approach to website builds that gathers together a set of micro-services to create a unique outcome. Mikkel likened the approach to building with LEGO bricks, the toy that was born in the same town where Mikkel grew up in Denmark.

Following Mikkel’s explanation of the advantages of taking a composable approach, Chris explains in detail how AlixPartners are harnessing the approach to create a truly different, future-proof agile web presence that will not just be able to meet the needs of a leading global Management Consultancy but also adapt to the inevitable changes in the future without ever becoming obsolete.

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