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Make the most of AI to transform your legal marketing content

fSquared Marketing has focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for this year's Legal Marketing Trends. I was particularly interested in their last page which focuses on using AI for content creation.  

In summary here are their key points:

  • AI can serve as a creative partner by providing initial content that jumpstarts your creative process, similar to how a painter starts with a base color on a canvas.
  • Blend AI-generated text with ideas from various sources to allow you to develop original, high-quality content free of copyright issues.
  • Large language models (LLMs) are practical for solving your simple content tasks like editing, rewriting, and adjusting text.
  • Practise and refine your AI prompts to improve their effectiveness. Not that all outputs need to be checked against style guides to ensure consistency with your voice and your firm's brand.
  • Using AI to create content will result in occasional errors or irrelevant responses but do not let that stop you from experimenting. 

I agree. Right now, AI is a good assistant and we should all play around with it as much as possible. It cannot replace your ideas, your edits and your personality but use it to kickstart your process and as an editor to summarise your brain dumps. 

Learn from AI.  Always ask why it made the changes it did after you have prompted it.

Finally, remember that today the AI we use is as bad as AI will ever be. Tomorrow it will be better, next week even better. Ignore it at your peril.

Working with LLM-based AI is like having a conversation where the quality of the dialogue depends on both partners. As content creators, we have to bring experience, knowledge, creativity and skill to all interactions with AI to ensure we’re producing original, accurate and quality work.


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