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Get LinkedIn Right First - Then You can Worry about Snapchat

I've read a number of articles recently about the opportunities of using Snapchat at B2B organisations and at an event I presented at a few months ago someone asked during the Q &A how much work they should do with Snapchat.

My answer was that you need to do the basics right first.  And the basics for a B2B company means LinkedIn.  Start doing some social selling through LinkedIn and have it firing on all cylinders.  Then you can have a crack at Snapchat!

When thinking of Snapchat, you might envision groups of teens exchanging selfies and videos. Not really a space where serious B2B marketers spend their time. But while this app was becoming wildly popular with tweens and teens, something else was happening, too. It was transforming from a quiet dark horse into a serious contender in social media.


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