The Dear Sophie Campaign run by Google really pulls on the heartstrings and it is hard not connect on an emotional level with the story about a dad and his daughter growing up. 

Built to promote the capabilities of Google Chrome with the tagline "the web is what you make of it", the message is hit home with one of the fundamentals of great storytelling - creating an emotional connection. 

Speaking at the PM Forum Conference, Paul English, Global Head of Marketing & Client Experience at Grant Thornton, juxtaposed that had the campaign been run in professional services there would have undoubtedly been the need to translate the advert into a fact sheet. Although for comical affect, it sparked the question how do you create emotionally engaging content in the world of B2B? 

A few key takeaways stuck with me from the conference, and fundamentally, the world of business-to-business is driven by people-to-people interactions/relationships. Every engagement and touchpoint is an opportunity for you to better understand your audience, the way they think, feel, and ultimately what you can do for them. 

If you apply this intelligence to deliver an experience and content that focuses on your audience, you can resonate and communicate the value your brand delivers to them. Creating shared meaning within the communities your brands serves is the ultimate objective for your content, and if you are able to achieve this, your audience will build an affinity with your brand and become emotionally invested.