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Social Selling is not exclusively for sales people!

Keeping in contact with a client or prospect and at the front of mind during their customer journey can be easily achieved when meeting people face-to-face or communicating directly via a call, email, comms platform, etc. When extrapolated to keeping in the front of mind across all of your clients and prospects however, these are not scalable channels. 

Digital becomes a format for communicating on a much wider and regular basis, updating your key contacts with relevant information. 

Social selling therefore is not exclusively for sales people, but rather any client/externally-facing individual attempting to grow or maintain a business. It takes the core tenets of building lasting business relationships, applying them to digital and online networks. 

Taking the following 4 principles (that many professionals already execute well face-to-face) and applying them online, will enable you to disseminate your expertise in a scalable format, thereby establishing/reaffirming your position as the "go-to" expert in your field:

1. Establish your professional brand online 

- update social profiles and regularly create insight-led content 

2. Find the right people 

- identify where your clients/prospects are available online

3.  Engage with insights of key influencers in your field and of clients/prospects

4. Build relationships 

- harness the online networks to continue building valuable business relationships 

Want to find out what your Social Selling Index is? Follow the link below to request yours for free from LinkedIn.

Social selling leaders get better results: - Social selling leaders create 45% more opportunities than peers with lower SSI. - Social selling leaders are 51% more likely to reach quota. - 78% of social sellers outsell peers who don’t use social media.


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