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"Email opens the door for personal online interaction": 5 questions for Shayla Price

I've been reading Shayla Price's excellent content for some time now, so it's a privilege to feature her today as part of the 5 Questions series, where we interview our favourite content marketing heroes about their work. 

Shayla Price creates and promotes content. She lives at the intersection of digital marketing, technology, and social responsibility. Connect with her on Twitter.

1.      What does a typical day look like for you?

Most of my day is split into writing, researching, and learning. Writing in the morning lets me get all my fresh thoughts out before I forget them. Midday, I'm usually researching ideas for new articles or finding quality sources for pending posts. The afternoon is the best time for professional development. So, I specifically read articles or listen to podcasts to help me hone my craft. 

2.      What are your three favourite social media tools?

My favorite social media tools include Buffer, Quuu Promote, and Crate. Buffer helps me schedule content, while Quuu Promote amplifies my content. Crate gives me the power to discover and curate new content.

3.      You’ve written some greats posts on email marketing recently – why do you think it’s still such an effective channel?

Email is an effective channel because it helps you build quality relationships with your target audience. You get to speak directly to your subscribers' needs. Email opens the door for personal online interaction.

4.      You’re an award-winning writer – what do you do when you hit a writer’s block (if you ever do!)?

For me, it's important to make writing a daily priority. Instead of getting writer's block, I try to block out time to write. This strategy holds me accountable and makes be a better writer. 

5.      What do you think the next big trend in marketing is going to be?

Brand fiction will become an integral part of the marketing mix. Consumers desire interesting stories that embody facets of truth and imagination. If more companies tap into that craving, they will reap more customer engagement and possibly more sales.


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