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What Social Selling Is and Isn't [Infographic]

Alex Low from Digital Leadership Associates has put together this great infographic on social selling.  What it is and what it isn't. It's a great summary of an often misunderstood behavioural change.

Hope you find it helpful.  I particularly liked the following:

  • Social selling is about selling through your network NOT about selling to your network
  • Social selling is a behavioural change NOT a technology
  • Social selling is about revenue generation NOT about how many 'likes' or 'views' you get
  • Social selling is about creating relationships NOT a substitute for the phone, meetings and 1-2-1 conversations you have in person

For more insight for the team at Digital Leadership Associates click here

I still get asked the question, “What is social selling?”. But I’m not surprised. I still see lots of posts from other businesses that claim to offer social selling as a service, but which misunderstand the basics. As more and more of these questions stacked up, I decided to pull together this infographic to put things straight. It’s pretty self-explanatory, and I hope you find it useful Digital Leadership Associates: We are a Social Media Agency. We do three things: Social Media Strategy, Social Selling and Social Media Management.


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