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Longer Tweets for all! 280 characters for everyone

You may have seen my post a few weeks ago saying that Twitter was trialling an extension to the number of characters you can use in a tweet from 140 to 280.  

Well they obviously decided it was a good idea as longer tweets are here for us all now.  We can all write longer tweets!

I quite liked the fact that Tweets were really short but I am sure I will get used to more characters.   Apparently, most Twitter users who trialed the longer tweet option still kept to under 140 characters. 

To quote Twitter's Aliza Rosen “we – and many of you – were concerned that timelines may fill up with 280-character tweets, and people with the new limit would always use up the whole space. But that didn’t happen. Only 5% of tweets sent were longer than 140 characters and only 2% were over 190 characters.”

 I guess old habits die hard!

Let me know what you think.

Twitter’s trial of a 280-character tweet limit is to be universally expanded, the social media network has announced. The move comes after a limited experiment which began in September to see if a larger character count reduced “cramming” and led to users better expressing themselves. Twitter has limited its users to 140 characters per tweet since its launch in 2006.


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