Everyone loves a forecast list at this time of year.  So what is to come in 2018? Well from what I have seen and read here are just a few:

  • Video continues to be a very big deal and according to my reading we will be all having a go at live video in 2018
  • When it comes to social - make sure you are not reliant on just one channel.  Diversify and work out what works where for whom
  • GDPR GDPR GDParrghhhh.  There are all sorts of opportunities but also it is a bit of a headache. Check out http://gdpr.passle.net for Passle content focused on GDPR.  I think it offers an opportunity to send the right content to the right people via newsletters.  I think it gives marketers power - fear is a nice motivator to get your house in order and make salespeople follow some basic rules.
  • And the big one:

In 2018, content marketing is about creating interesting content people actually want to engage with. 

Stop talking about your brand, and start creating content people want to read, watch or listen to.

Nothing new here but the message is finally getting through.  

Here at Passle, we go to a lot of events to meet prospects.  We have a rule when we meet people - try not to talk about what we do until someone asks.  It is difficult.  We are often there to sell and it is really tempting to think everyone is just as interested in us as we are.  Of course, they are not.  They're interested in them and their own problems.  That's the same online and that is why content marketing works.  

If you show what you know online people might well be interested in finding out what you do.  Only show what you do online and you risk being a boring salesman - you will be ignored or worse.

Stop talking about what you do and start showing what you know!