At Passle we often talk with our clients about the "Hero, Hub, Hygiene Content Pyramid" - a concept originally used by Google and YouTube but more recently it has been used to frame content strategies at B2B organisations.

We usually talk about the "Hub" (the regular, timely, expert-led content) here at Passle because that's what we work with our clients on.  We talk less about the "Hero" content (The big event, the white paper, the 50 page research report) but today that's exactly what I'm going to talk about.

Above Cannon Street station in central London I am watching the CMS Global Head of Technology, Media and Communications, Chris Watson interview Craig Dawson, the Head of Europe for IBM Watson (no relation to Chris!)

An absolutely fascinating interview which followed on from the brilliant Margaret A. Boden OBE ScD FBA, (She has her own Wikipedia page!) born in 1936, and wrote the first ever paper on Artificial Intelligence!  And there is plenty more to come including our very own Tom Elgar.  The speakers here have been excellent.

It is turning into a superb day and rarely at an event like this do you see so many engaged people, the room is full with over 200 people (the majority who are hugely relevant to CMS - clients, potential clients and other key stakeholders) and no-one is going anywhere.  I have no doubt that an event like this must do wonders for the CMS TMT team and indeed for the CMS brand as a whole.

These events don't just happen though.  They take a huge amount of time, effort, expertise and the ability to influence the right people to get them on stage.  A fantastic effort by the team at CMS who have pulled it together - I won't name those that I know have been involved but they know who they are.

I have seen some pretty hopeless "hero" content in my time and that can be hugely detrimental to a brand.  So if you are going to do a "hero" event, do it like the CMS TMT team: do it properly, invest time and resources and most importantly get the right people in charge.