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Digital Leadership Forum - attention as a key currency in business.

If you aren't getting any attention, what's the point?

This was the question raised today by Jag Sharma at the Digital Leadership Forum's compelling January conference, hosted by Allen & Overy. Jag is the Social Media Marketing Manager at HSBC and one of 3 insightful speakers we heard from this morning discussing how to lead with content marketing in 2018.

Along with this statement, there were a few other key points that he made that made me question my own behaviour online:

  • Our mobile devices are oxygen. We can't live without them.
  • Social media take up 50% of our time on smartphones. 

Scarily, I know it's all true. Despite our self-assurance that we aren't as bad as others; take away our mobile and we are rendered useless. We crave immediate attention and feedback that comes directly to our hands. 

If we are spending 50% of our smartphone time on social, then it surely stands to reason that firms must be present on social to stay relevant. The immediate feedback that social gives isn't just important for our own vanity. This feedback is crucial to measuring a firm's ROI for social media use and spend.

Whether it's the sheer amount of effort that goes into creating beautiful pieces of hero content, or a quick 15-minute digestible commentary piece, the importance of making sure you share it online with the people who matter is imperative. 

After all, if a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

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