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Great piece of content - who is it for?

If your job is to encourage your team to write public facing content, then there are two questions to ask whenever someone creates a post.

  • Why did you write that post?
  • Who did you write it for?  

We have found that if a content creator can picture who they want to read the post - especially if it is just one person - then it is far easier to create content and they will keep doing it.  The who is easy.  Usually, the post is for a client, a prospect or someone else at your own firm.

Another way to look at this is to try to create posts deliberately and then share them strategically.  Here is my colleague Freddy's latest infographic explaining this (ISTATOY is Passle's Expert to Expert - I saw this and thought of you tool).

PS This post is for you Vicky & Amber :)


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