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How to 3x the LinkedIn engagement of your firm

One of the classic objections to going ahead with Passle is maybe best characterised as "let’s not run before we can walk". 

The idea is that there is a journey to digital competence that each person inside a firm needs to undertake before it can progress. And the first trial is the LinkedIn profile. 

Given that it is plainly not ‘difficult’ to fill in and manage a LinkedIn profile, why does it not happen? LinkedIn was launched more than 15 years ago. Surely if it was going to happen, it would have happened by now?

The key reason that it does not get done is not because it is difficult, but because it is, on its own, pretty pointless. But it really need not be so. 

If I may ask you to imagine if you were going to a conference and you had a speaking slot but you had nothing to say. Literally nothing to say - you were going to stand mute on stage. In that scenario, would you be super-keen to fill out your biography in the conference papers? I suspect not.

But if you had loads of good stuff to say, insights into the state of the industry, a witty-aside, a zinger even! Then surely filling in the bio would be not only done, but done well. A pleasure in fact.

My point is that the bio needs content to make sense. If you have the content - on your website, on your LinkedIn profile - basically if you think people are going to read your profile; then you will create and update it, and do it well.

Our statistics bear this out. Once our Experts start creating content then the LinkedIn shares - of their own and others content - increase dramatically. By over 3x in fact. A huge difference.

The digital journey does not exist as a linear process. Sure, some people have better technical skills, but if you know your stuff in your niche then you have something to contribute. Don’t put the boring, burdensome LinkedIn cart before your galloping content horse. 

If it hasn’t moved in 15 years, it won’t start moving on its own now!


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