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The thought leadership flywheel - Attributes of b2b content that will drive business returns

Edelman and LinkedIn have been producing research below for several years now and once again the top performing content to drive business returns contains the following attributes (page 20 onwards):

- Concise or "Snackable"

- Relevant to the client

- Inspires confidence

- Delivered by a trusted source 

- Must contain value added insight

The final point is important since the research found that "decision makers say half or more of the thought leadership they encounter does not provide valuable insights." 

It is highly likely that this content is not coming from the experts. As the report points out, your content must stem from listening to your clients - so the involvement of those closest to the client (sales, client success, the consultants on the ground) is vital to the process. 

Done right, this content has a tangible business impact. Done badly, or not at all, this means that your clients and prospects will get their information from someone else (quite possibly a competitor!)


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