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Key ways to stay virtually close to your clients, from Leon Loganathan

I had the pleasure of starting my day off with speaking to Leon Loganathan, The managing partner of Ward Keller in Australia as he was ending his! It is interesting to hear how other business leaders are operating during this time, particularly in a forced digital world. 

Leon explained that their podcast 'Territory Story' that was launched over a year ago is having more engagement than ever and importantly driving engagement with the right people too. This really demonstrates the demand for digital content during these remote and uncertain times. Leon had a few tips on the topic of marketing to a remote/virtual market:

  • Always lead with a story and be human in delivering your content
  • Make sure your content is helpful for your target audience
  • Question and Answer format works really well to follow your initial story
  • People are suffering from content fatigue so ensure your content reflects their needs

These are brilliant reminders and it made me think about who should we be interviewing or speaking with? 

It seems to me that there has never been a better time to phone your clients and network and ask them! Besides having their actual requirement/viewpoint discussed (the relevant requirement achieved in your content!) you will also be adding some valuable human connection and engagement to their day. Here a few examples of this:

DLA Piper Sport Podcast

Ward Keller Podcast

Sheridans Podcast

Deloitte's 11FS Podcast


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