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Supporting not Selling - a great example from Fladgate

In a recent client call we were discussing how Professional Services can differentiate and stay closer to their clients in the current environment. One of the best phases that was used was that the firm should endeavour to "Support and not Sell".

Separately, I came across the Fladgate "Helping Clients Initiative" which is a properly helpful resource and a brilliant piece of content marketing. I was drawn into the resource out of professional curiosity but pretty quickly found myself sharing links to content around issues that we are facing as a business. 

Congratulations to Fladgate on achieving two excellent outcomes; demonstrating their expertise to drive more business and being genuinely helpful to the wider community.

Thank you!

Our ‘Helping Clients’ initiative The Fladgate Helping Clients initiative – has been developed to complement and extend the existing expertise already provided by Fladgate and give you that extra edge needed at this difficult time for your business, for you and for your family.


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