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Passle Insiders Club - How to Drive an Effective Thought Leadership Program at your Law Firm

At last week's Passle Insiders Club event we were lucky enough to have  Jennifer Conley (Senior Business Development Manager at Michael, Best & Friedrich LLP) and Alex Williams (Business Development Manager at Baker McKenzie) provide us detailed 'How To' Case Studies on driving their successful thought leadership programs - from a Business Development perspective.

Hosted by Passle's Sarah Strachan, Jenny and Alex gave fantastic advice on how to drive positive business outcomes from empowering their attorneys to be active online. Watch the video recording above to learn how they ensure their teams of attorneys create content deliberately and share it strategically with BD goals in mind - and do that over the long term.

"Time for fee earners is the challenge. The answer is to remind them - that with the Passle platform - you can create something in just a few minutes. Put in 10-15 minutes and that is all they need to do" Alex Williams Business Development Manager at Baker McKenzie


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