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How to motivate your lawyers to contribute to your law firms blog - great advice from Good2BSocial

This is a must-read if you are responsible for helping lawyers with their Marketing or Business Development 12 Ways to Motivate Your Lawyers to Contribute to Your Law Firm’s Blog written by  Good2BSocial's Talia Schwartz:

Here are Talia's headlines when getting your lawyers to blog:

1. Involve them in topic brainstorming

2. Encourage them to collaborate

3. Make blogging part of their career goals

4. Share tangible business results

5. Set realistic milestones instead of a final deadline

6. Manage using a content calendar

7. Ensure your team treats content marketing as a priority

8. Do what you say you will

9. Show them how blogging creates experts

10. Create blog-related performance incentives 

11. Consider intangible benefits

12. Offer writing help

From my experience making a plan with your lawyer is extremely important.  Ask them what they want to be 'famous' for, set some manageable targets, execute and loop back to see if as a team you and your lawyer managed to achieve the target you both set. Also, do explain that the expertise they share online will be picked up by their clients, colleagues, and prospects - who in turn will share with their network.  

It is not rocket science - it is activating word of mouth and aiding referrals and recommendations.  

As the last year has taught us if you are a lawyer you either partake in, and shape the conversation with your clients - reinforcing your position as their go-to expert - or you let a competitor do it.

Getting your lawyers to contribute to the firm’s blog is a win-win – for the firm, and for individual attorneys. Help them to see those benefits and support them along the way, and you’ll get a more diverse set of blog contributors.


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