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CMO Series EP 10 - Susan Ahern of Clark Hill on building marketing into a trusted voice in the boardroom

For marketing and business development teams to have a real impact on the growth of their firms it is so important for them to have a voice in the strategic decision making within the firm.

We're excited to cover this topic today on the CMO series with Susan Ahern, Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer at Clark Hill. Susan has transformed the way that the Marketing & BD teams operate within Clarke Hill, especially in the way that these teams deliver and demonstrate value to the firm.  

Will Eke hosts as he and Susan address:

  • The role for Marketing & BD as decision-makers influencing the direction of the firm

  • The coveted 2020 "Best Marketing Initiative" award at the Managing Partners' Forum & the valuable data that helped secure it

  • Susan's philosophy in creating a culture to support delivering

  • The key to bringing the partnership around to the difficult decisions needed for growth

  • The most important piece of advice for CMO's & marketers looking to influence the future of the firm


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