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Marketing Partner Forum 2022 - Brian Solis: The River Wild: Leading Change in Risk-Averse Cultures

One thing we all know to be true is that change can be very difficult for many of us. Even when the outcome is so clearly promised to be a positive one, taking a leap of faith and changing something for the better takes a certain mindset and drive.

Last week, I was privileged enough to attend The Marketing Partner Forum hosted by Thomson Reuters on the gorgeous Amelia Island in Florida. Brian Solis, keynote speaker and bestselling author, addressed how to properly engineer growth in the modern workspace and challenges we may face while doing so. 

Here are my main takeaways: 

  • All innovation begins with a shift in mindset. One of my favorite things Brian said throughout the session was, “We can find every reason not to do something differently, but all it takes is to believe that we can do it." 
  • Brian quoted Jeanne Ross in saying, “Leaders must reassess how digital technologies and information can create new customer value. The alternative is to try to succeed in a digital economy with a pre digital value proposition”.
  • Innovation and resilience have been trends since the pandemic. We have had to learn how to 'roll with the punches', adapt and grow now more than ever.
  • If you’re waiting for someone to tell you what to do, you’re on the wrong side of innovation. Being proactive is something we hear so much about in the workplace, yet we seem to sometimes get stuck in a passive state when it comes to our day-to-day.
  • Organizations with digitally savvy leaders outperformed their peers when it came to revenue growth. Any leader who has taken the time to evolve is going to have a leg up on competitive leaders who haven't made the effort to stay up to date digitally.
  • If you’re not constantly trying to evolve, disruption is something that is going to take place. Why be complacent and wait until you begin to fall behind? This is where proactivity is so crucial.

In Brian's words, “The new 'Kodak Moment' is that moment when you realize that customer behaviors and preferences changed so dramatically from your assumptions that it’s too late to change".

“We can find every reason not to do something differently, but all it takes is to believe that we can do it." -Brian Solis


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