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CMO Series EP29 - Burr and Forman on aligning marketing and BD activities with the firm’s overall strategy

James Barclay hands-over to Jessica Haarsgaard, Business Development Manager at Burr and Forman and Member-at-Large to the 2022 LMA Board of Directors and Kathryn Whitaker, Chief Marketing Officer at Burr and Forman, on this CMO Series Takeover.

In this special edition of the podcast Jessica and Kathryn delve into what makes Burr and Forman stand out from the crowd and how the efforts of the marketing department align with the firm’s overall strategy.  

Kathryn shares her unique insight, comparing her experience in politics to running an effective legal marketing function and how to leverage the skills within the team to successfully deliver on the firm’s strategic goals.

Listen in as Jessica and Kathryn discuss:

  • What differentiates Burr and the efforts of the department to align with the overall strategy 
  • How they’re taking their client relations efforts ‘to the next level’
  • How utilising emotional intelligence, communication and collaboration can encourage the Marketing and BD team to effectively navigate and influence strategic goals
  • Strategies that help play to your team members’ individual strengths 
  • How Kathryn’s experience in running for Senate has helped her lead the marketing department and obtain buy-in from attorneys
  • Advice for other marketers looking to align their activities with the firm’s strategy
We need to make sure that we don't deviate from the firm's strategy... all the way down to the tasks that we're doing - for our practice group, for our industry teams, for our key client accounts.


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