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You're invited! Come Dragon Boating in Annapolis on Friday, May 12 & raise funds to fight breast cancer

Breast Cancer has unfortunately impacted pretty much all of us in some way or another. 

To raise money to help fight breast cancer, and to have some fun doing it, Passle and Upper Sigma/Litera would like to invite you to join us and experience something fun and new.

We are thrilled to have teamed up with Annapolis Dragon Boat Club (ADBC) to offer you and your friends/family/colleagues the unique opportunity to take a seat on a Dragon Boat and paddle on the Chesapeake Bay at Annapolis.

To book a seat CLICK HERE

To donate CLICK HERE (All donations will be taken directly by ADBC)

Where: Pier 4 Marina, 301 Fourth St, Annapolis, MD 21403

When: Friday 12 May, 11.00 am - 2.30 pm

How can you get involved?

To participate and/or donate to this cause, we ask you to buy your seat on the boat. If you wish to donate and not participate, you are welcome to do so. As a guide, seat donations start from $50.

Feel free to request more than one seat on the boat – just let your donation reflect it!

There will also be the opportunity to bid to be the drummer, so if you want to help the boat keep in time - you can opt for this.

Where will the proceeds go?

All proceeds will support breast cancer outreach programs, ADBC club ops and the SRA Oyster recovery program.

Who can participate?

Everyone! This is a fully inclusive event. All ages regardless of fitness level can take part. Some of the club's members are 85+.

Dress Code

Attendees will be provided with a Personal Floatation Device, paddle and seating pad for use during the event. There is a chance of getting wet whilst on board the dragon boats. Please come dressed appropriately with this in mind. 

Food and Drink

It would not be a Passle / Upper Sigma event without a bit of food and drink!  Your efforts will be rewarded!!!

Note: This event was originally due to be held in the Fall but bad weather has meant we have moved to May 12


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