If your job is to influence other people - it could be to sell a product, service or idea - and if you are pretty good at it then you will know how to do this face to face and on the phone. Online its a little more tricky. We can all look the same when someone checks us out online. It is difficult not to end up describing ourselves in a series of generic cliches if we're not careful.

What makes us different is what we know. Showing that online is crucial when it comes to social selling/influencing.

We know that 'social sales' is something we need to be doing - like picking up the phone - but it can seem difficult.  This article from Harvard Business Review is useful in reminding us all it does not need to take long at all.  The upsides are considerable.

'Social selling makes sense for achieving quota and revenue objectives for multiple reasons. First, three out of four B2B buyers rely on social media to engage with peers about buying decisions. In a recent B2B buyers survey, 53% of the respondents reported that social media plays a role in assessing tools and technologies, and when making a final selection.'

As always I have found it is crucial to make a plan, prioritise and target my content.   Also it took me a little while to feel confident just to be myself.  To help me do this I picture those most likely to read and share my posts - the people I know (and like).  This makes content creation far easier.