Reading the latest pmforum magazine I was drawn to this article. I have heard of Fieldfisher's excellent approach to Marketing and BD and was interested to learn more! 

I refer to the section below because it resonates with the correct approach to a high performing ABM strategy and the questions you should be asking yourself when producing communications for a target client. 

Here are a number of other key areas to consider when producing content and process to 're-engage' and attract or 'refill' your target audiences: 

  • Edelman's and LinkedIn's 5 Characteristics of Most Successful Thought Leadership:
    • Relevant and Applicable - It is timely and relevant to a spcific project the recipient is currently working on
    • Staying Current - It is focused on current industry topics
    • Industry Insights - It provides insights on specific trends and challenges within the target customer's industry
    • Digestible - It is easily consumable
    • Trusted Source - It is forwarded by someone the recipient knows and respects
  • Cialdini's 6 Weapons of Influence 
    • Reciprocity - People like to return a favour
    • Consistency - People learn through repetition
    • Social Proof - We are influenced by the actions of others
    • Liking - We are phenomenal suckers for flattery
    • Authority - Standing on the shoulders of giants
    • Unity - People are influenced by people they identify with

If account based marketing is a first for you, Andrea Clatworthy of Fujitsu provides an introduction here (video).