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People put more effort into their dating profiles than their professional ones.. why?

First impressions count. In all walks of life. Meeting new people, job interviews, professional speaking, even on the phone, the first impression of someone is difficult to change. If the impression is positive, you have an open door and usually the encouragement to pursue an activity or relationship. If it is negative, however, you can be met with hostility and disrespect. 

We recently met with Tim Hughes, Phil Stubbs and Adam Gray of Digital Leadership Associates to further explore what a heightened social presence and good public profile can do for you; in turn, manipulating people's first impressions of you.

Phil made a comment that stuck with me - "People spend more effort on their dating profiles than their professional ones". As someone who may *ahem* have used dating apps before, I can thoroughly concur with this statement. And until recently, it wouldn't have occurred to me to spend the same amount of effort on my professional profile. On my dating profile, I selected pictures and statements about myself that showed not only my best qualities but also how I wished to be perceived.

I, therefore, thought to replicate this for my professional profile and how I wanted to appear in the business world and came up with the following traits:

  • Approachable
  • Friendly
  • Professional 
  • Knowledgeable

Using Tim and Adam's guidance, I am adapting my social profiles to reflect exactly this. To be approachable and friendly I must be honest and open. Being personable and talking about my passions and what interests me is vital. To appear as professional and knowledgeable, I need to demonstrate my expertise not only in a clear and concise way but regularly. 

And above all, to be recognised in the first place, I actually have to be present in the first place!


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