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Top Tips on how to Drive B2B Sales with Content Marketing #LinkedIn #Edelman

Last year Edelman, the Global PR firm and LinkedIn carried out a joint piece of research that looked at how Thought Leadership can influence business to business sales.

The team here at Passle have written a number of insights on this research over the last year and so I thought I would share them all on one post.  If you are in any way involved in the business to business sales then these are well worth a read.

Adam Elgar summarises the research with his insight "Five things that make content influential and how to get all Five" whilst I write about how to use thought leadership to drive business growth with my post: "Edelman and LinkedIn on how to Drive Business Growth with Thought Leadership."

For a more detailed breakdown of each of the “five things” mentioned by Adam the team have gone into more depth with the following expert insights.” 

New Research from Edelman and LinkedIn Shows Thought Leadership Influences B2B Sales, But Majority of Executives Are Disappointed in Quality of Insights Produced by Companies


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