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There are no brand guardians in sales meetings

Marketers and business leaders spend a lot of time thinking about their brand.

But all the efforts to develop a successful brand are lost if frontline staff don’t understand and reflect the brand itself.

“Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.”- Jeff Bezos

I've come to see this quote two ways. Your brand is how you are perceived by your customers. The customer’s interactions with your colleagues day-to-day create that brand more than the marketing team does.

So do your people understand your brand, the things that makes your offering distinctive and valuable for customers? We’d like to think so as marketers, given all the brand guidelines and materials we send out.

At the end of the day though - there are no brand guardians in sales or project meetings.

Something I’ve noticed at Passle is that co-founders Tom & Adam as well as directors James & Connor are good at writing “lighthouse content” - short pieces that inform and set the direction for our sales team. Our team then use these as outreach, pre-meeting material as well as for post-meeting follow up.

It's a useful way of keeping the brand message, our sales message and our business vision aligned.


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