There's an interesting rule of thumb that is useful for understanding the reach of a post on a social network like LinkedIn or Twitter. 

It's known as the 1% rule. Only 1% of the users of a site will create new content - the other 99% are passive participants, reading and observing but not engaging. This is often described as "lurking".

The 1% rule is consistent across knowledge sharing sites and forums of all shapes, sizes and legal statuses. Somewhere in between the lurkers and power users are those that engage fairly often. This is called the 1-9-90 principle. 

In principle, for every one person that writes a post, there are roughly 9 people "liking" and commenting - but there is a vast number of people (90) who read and digest your information without you ever knowing.

If those are the right 90 people - then you are in business.