I have been sending email newsletters to clients and prospects since 1997.  That is a long time and I have done it very well and very badly.  

There is an argument that email marketing is now redundant -  I disagree.  Of course, other channels are very important but a sizeable portion of our audience want timely, relevant and expert-led content delivered to their inbox because email remains their first choice for communications.

Regular email newsletters are a brilliant marketing tool with one very big caveat - which is hopefully very obvious.  

What you send must be of interest to the person who is reading it.  Plus... the reader must be in control of:

  • What content they receive 
  • When they receive it 
  • Who they are hearing from (and I mean specifically which people in the organisation they hear from)

With the above in mind, we are really excited to announce Passle's new fully customisable, fully automated subscription digest tool.  For us - at this stage - this complements our traditional weekly newsletter.  You can get the content you want, when you want it from the experts you want to hear from. To sign up simply click here

P.S. What is really interesting from my point of view as a creator of the content is that I will be told when you sign up.  This is a massive motivator to me to keep on creating useful content.  I know who is interested in hearing from me.