It was fantastic to see another Atlantic crossing record smashed this week by three brothers from Scotland.

It is unlikely for a professional to have the time to row the Atlantic, but even the busiest of people could probably fit in 20mins on the rowing machine once-a-month. 

This short monthly session is to fitness what one short post a month is to your thought leadership! It doesn't have to be an epic installment - it is just a regular way for you to demonstrate your expertise and show that you are the go-to expert in your field.

One of the biggest reasons I hear for why professionals don't create and share more regular thought leadership is because they "don't have the time". Traditionally thought leadership has been huge research pieces or long white papers that of course, just like an Atlantic crossing attempt, require a huge amount of time and resources to complete.

However, research from Edleman and Linked In suggest that Brevity is key to successful thought leadership, they say- "Short and easy to absorb, makes Thought Leadership very compelling". So not only are shorter posts easier to produce, they are what your clients want to read.