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Best Practice 1: Carpool Caselaw - Brilliant video content marketing

If the idea of two squabbling barristers doesn't appeal then maybe this will change your mind. 

The father/ daughter team, of Jonathan Seitler QC of Wilberforce Chambers and Miriam Seitler of Landmark Chambers, discuss a property law judgement whilst trundling around Central London. 

It works brilliantly because it has the core features of modern communications in Professional Services. That is to say:

1. it is relevant (admittedly to those in planning law);

2. it is timely (the case was recent);

3. it comes directly from the experts (they are both practicing barristers); & crucially,

4. it is authentic... not least where Jonathan attempts to finish his point. 

"If you would let me finish" ... and her retaliation "But you are getting it wrong!"


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