I know, I know, I missed out last weeks good news but this week is really worth it because I fixed the upstairs waste pipe and even replaced the plug to go with it!  Don't get me wrong, I have banned anyone from actually using the tap in there for the time being whilst I run some strict 'tests' but it looks like it might work?!

The good news stories this week start in Scandinavia.....

Denmark embraces live music drive-ins- Musicians are finding new ways to reach fans safely with the raft of concerts and festival cancellations that have taken place.  In Denmark, more than 70 shows are planned with Danish musician Mads Langer leading the way to start with.  See full article here

Ventilator made from a coffee machine- Scottish design engineer Ross Hunter has made it to the finals of a global competition to create low-cost ventilators for COVID-19 sufferers.  It struck him that only a few component changes were needed and it took just 3 weeks to complete a prototype.  See full article here

Fraggle Rock to be revived by Apple TV- 33 years after the last series was made, Gobo, Red, Boober, Mokey, Wembley and Uncle Travelling Matt will reunite.  The series first aired in 1983 and ran for five seasons until 1987.  See full article here  

Mum of two in Wales loses more than two stone during eight-week lockdown- Rhiannon Harrison from Aberystwyth has completely altered her beige diet as well as taking part in regular exercise with her family during the period.  Her physical and mental health has been boosted and she has vowed to keep it going after lockdown.  See full article here

BBC announces 'The Glastonbury Experience' to mark the 50th anniversary- The BBC will replay classic performances from past events and the event will run in line with the original cancelled dates from June 25th to June 29th.  See full article here

Dad builds back garden beach so that kids can enjoy the seaside in lockdown- Chris Thornton decided to grant his children's wishes of going to the beach by bringing it to them!  He spent days turning his garden into a coastal getaway using the recycling bin and other bits that were lying around the house.  The children imagination did the rest.  See full article here

Facebook group set up by friends to talk about mental health now has thousands of members- Craig Spillane set up the private group after seeing some of his close friends die of mental health issues to encourage other close friends to talk about their issues.  It soon became clear that a much wider group wanted to be involved after 100 people signed up in 24 hours.  There are now over 12,000 members in over 70 different countries.  See full article here

Cafe in Japanese zoo uses cuddly Capybaras to enforce social distancing- Izu Shaboten zoo in Shizuoka has decided to get creative with its diners and has filled its cafe with giant Capybaras making them sit 2 metres apart.  See full article here

The final good news is that our lockdown rabbits have really been enjoying the good spot of weather that we have been lucky enough to have this week.