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Provide something of value. Top tips for engaging thought leadership from Young Entrepreneurs Council.

Creating content that showcases your own insight on a topic can seem daunting…despite your expertise on a subject and ability to articulate this in a professional setting, it's easy to find a reason for this not to be a priority.  Perhaps the perceived time this will take away from your other responsibilities, or even a touch of imposter syndrome, individuals in the professional services field often feel content creation is best left to your marketing department.

However, clients now look for ways to gain expert-led knowledge before making decisions. “Thought Leadership” has become a buzzword in professional settings and providing your network of clients & prospects with deliberate, digestible information, straight from the expert is taking precedent in showcasing the knowledge of those within your firm.

Forbes gathered insights from members of “Young Entrepreneur Council” to drill down into what makes great thought leaders. Following a few simple steps and making effective use of the tools available to you can make thought leadership just another part of your day-to-day…

Start Creating Content To Share Your Thoughts

“Even if it’s writing a short paragraph to post or recording a short video”, your clients want to hear from you. 

In the following post, Sara Maccallum from Boodle Hatfield has recorded a short ‘to-camera' piece that highlights her knowledge and insights around Rishi Sunak’s budget announcements in spring 2021. 

Spring Budget 2021: the key takeaways

Another great example comes from Howard Kennedy's Trainee Diary series, allowing trainees to share engaging experiences at the very start of their careers. 

Trainee Diary - Howard Kennedy

Share Your Knowledge

It can be tempting to purely direct your reader to an article you are referencing, but one of the key attributes to great thought leadership is to ensure your content is “non-promotional and actually provides something of value to the target audience”. 

Keep your expertise at the forefront of each piece and provide solutions to the questions your clients need answering.

Post On Multiple Platforms

Being present on all the channels that can gain traction for your business is a great way to ensure your insights are accessible and impactful for your clients.

Engaging with the right people is almost as important as creating that piece of content in the first place, your efforts in creating thought leadership pieces should raise your profile as a trusted advisor within your discipline and ultimately bring benefits to your firm as new business. LinkedIn is the obvious social media platform for professional networking, however maintaining a personal, expert-led approach to your content can allow you to delve into other networks and increase your reach. 

Richard Grogan of Richard Grogan & Associates Solicitors has used this approach to rack up an impressive 40,000 strong Instagram following with his insights into employment law!

What Is The 48 Hour Maximum Working Week - richard_grogan_solicitor

Put Yourself Out There

Thought leaders have access to the right platforms to share their message and knowledge. This all starts with getting out there, connecting with people in your industry and creating content!

...Share your thoughts and expertise in a coherent and concise way that...actually provides something of value to the target audience.


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