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Thought Leadership and Employer Brand Go Hand in Hand

Last week, James Barclay, Freddy Dobinson, and I had the pleasure of joining our client, Taylor English, at their partner conference in Atlanta. The purpose of this conference was to understand where the firm is at to date, as well as provide insights and tools for the firm to continue its growth strategy into the future.

The focal point of the entire conference was on 'Employer Brand' and the announcement of the firm's #OneTED strategy. During the first presentation, Partner and Co-Founder, Marc Taylor, explained that the structure TED (Taylor English Duma) provides internally - administrative resources, technology resources, services, etc - enables partners and associates to maintain their entrepreneurial spirit by placing the power in their hands. The next day, Partner and Co-Founder, Joe English, and Karen Wilcox, Marketing Director, gave a presentation on Employer Brand and what that looks like internally and externally. There was an emphasis on how the brand and brand story impact every facet of the firm, whether that's:

  • Employee Morale 
  • Business Development
  • Talent Retention & Acquisition 

What I found most interesting, is how thought leadership seemed to shine through in every part of the conference. By providing their partners and associates with tools like Passle, Clearview Social, and Cyrano (which all work together), attorneys across the business are empowered to embrace thought leadership to create thoughtful and authentic content quickly and effectively. This promotes the OneTED brand with peers, clients, prospects and potential new hires. 

Most importantly to achieve their aggressive growth goals every leader and attorney at TED is using content to discover, attract and retain new talent.  Their thought leadership demonstrates how the firm values its attorneys, and promotes a collaborative and innovative mindset and workplace.

We're incredibly proud to be supporting Taylor English's innovative, entrepreneurial, and collaborative community of thought leaders. They're paving the way through their 'Purpose Built Law Firm' and they are creating a firm we're all proud to be a part of.


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