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The Top 10 US & UK Law Firms by Thought Leadership per Lawyer

Each year at Passle we publish our annual UK Legal Thought Leadership Index. Throughout the report, we measure and benchmark the performance of the top 200 UK & top 200 US law firms to offer a picture of how each performs in the categories of thought leadership.

One measure we look at in the report is the amount of Thought Leadership per lawyer. Larger firms with bigger marketing and BD teams can be expected to create more total thought leadership, but every year this list turns up some exceptional firms that are excellent in empowering their authors and enabling them to lead the discussion in their markets.

You can download the report here where you can also ask to have a personalised report made up to see how your own firm ranks across all the various measurements used in the report.


This year, the top ten (for thought leadership by lawyer) is led by Wiggin (UK), the media, tech and IP specialist, for the second year in a row.

Other notable inclusions in the top 10 are GrayRobinson (US) and Cadwalader Wickersham & Taft (US) who produced more than ten times the total thought leadership posts than the other firms on the list.

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