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Authentic Communications - How do I do that?

Working with businesses from all industries every day, I know that nearly everyone has a blog on their website. More often than not this is contributed to by a couple of people (depending on the size of the firm) and usually, they are those who enjoy writing and are naturally pretty good at it. This means that most businesses are communicating online through just a few people. This clearly cannot do justice to the expertise, knowledge, and personalities that make each business what it is.  

I was speaking to someone the other day who told me all about their business.  What they do, how they do, about the wider market and lots of little anecdotes.  At the end of all that when helping them build their online presence, they asked me what they should talk about when writing a blog.  I told them just to write all of those interesting things they told me.  Talk about the wider market and what it means for your clients and prospects and tell those client anecdotes.

Don't worry if you are not the next Dickens, Orwell or Dahl - just write like you talk to your clients and colleagues every day.  You probably know a lot more than you give yourself credit for.  

By doing this, that is how you build authentic communications.

By getting more and more people across your business doing this, that is how you start to build authentic communications at scale.  And businesses like buying from authentic businesses.

The most important thing that I'm discovering about this field is that the key to authentic communication is (not surprisingly) making a real connection with the people you're speaking to. And the key to *that* is really allowing yourself to see them and allowing yourself to be seen.


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